Distance piano education

MultiPiano is a multilingual method for piano learning via the Internet being developed by Anna von Zweigbergk, a professional piano teacher. A prototype is under development, and will be available for testing.


The concept

Professional piano teachers would obtain licenses as MultiPiano consultants over the Internet, and have students all over the world. Teaching a student across the globe is a possibility with the MultiPiano concept, provided you both speak the same language.

Or, if you are a student, you would learn to play the piano over the Internet, making very rapid progress thanks to the MultiPiano software, and consulting the highly qualified licensed piano teachers specialized in this method whenever you need help determining your progress. You would even be able to consult teachers from different countries, speaking many different languages.

With MultiPiano, students achieve in five weeks the same level as in two or three years using a traditional method.

As a student or teacher with the MultiPiano method, you would be able to meet your peers, as well as finding information about exciting events - meetings, contests and much more.


Phases of the project's development

The prototype of MultiPiano, a VHS tape called "Annas videopianoskola", was produced in 1985, in a pioneer time of multimedia. Already in this early phase it incorporated the first elements of interactivity. Many children loved the playfulness of the method, stimulating their creativity.


Extracts from the Annas Videopianoskola, the MultiPiano prototype


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(Video) Many children loved the playfulness of the method, stimulating their creativity.
(Video) Here is 11-year Manuela playing after five weeks of this method.
(Video) Here is Manuela again, one year later.


The Skapa Fair 1987

In 1987, the prototype of MultiPiano (at that time called "Annas Videopianoskola") was invited to exhibit at a central place at the innovators' fair in Stockholm, Skapamässan - From Idea to Reality.

On the whole, the fair was a large success. The prototype was highly appreciated by fair visitors, and many showed interest in buying such a product, had it been available for purchase.

Images and videos from the Skapa Fair


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