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Images and Videos from the Skapa Fair 1987

In 1987, the prototype of MultiPiano (at that time called "Annas videopianoskola") was invited to exhibit at a central place at the innovators' fair in Stockholm, Skapamässan - From Idea to Reality.

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(Video) Here is Manuela playing at the fair.
(Video) Culture and technology go together as two aspects of human creativity, as in the work of Leonardo da Vinci, the patron of the fair.
(Video) Fascinated by the technology, people gathered at our exhibition.
(Video) Five-year old Erika played with her virtual teacher.
(Video) Students from the Edsberg music institution performed Mendelssohn's chamber music.
(Video) The Swedish King visited the fair, accompanied by Pelle Molin, the director of the fair.



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On the whole, the exhibition was a large success. The prototype was highly appreciated by fair visitors, and many showed interest in buying such a product, had it been available for purchase.

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